POKAYOKE Sho-Haisen System

Wide lineup variety

もっとも標準的なポカよけターミナル スタンダードタイプ(標準型)レバースイッチ方式 表示:LED(緑単色表示) 応答:レバースイッチ


List of POKAYOKE terminal products

    Response, detection method
    Lever switch type
Pushbutton switch type
Photoelectric type
Reflection type (downward)
Transmission type
Indication, instruction method LED indication only Stationary type(Green) A027XB-02G2-PAnyWire BittyDIP switchφ28 pipe
A027XB-02G3-PAnyWire BittyAddress writerφ28 pipe
A027XB-E02G3-PAnyWire BittyAddress writerφ28 pipe
A227XB-02G2-PAnyWire DB A20DIP switchφ28 pipe
A227XB-02G3-PAnyWire DB A20Address writerφ28 pipe
A027XB-02GN2-PAnyWire BittyDIP switchφ28 pipe
A027XB-02GN3-PAnyWire BittyAddress writerφ28 pipe
A227XB-02GN2-PAnyWire DB A20DIP switchφ28 pipe
A227XB-02GN3-PAnyWire DB A20Address writerφ28 pipe
A027XB-02GL2-PAnyWire BittyDIP switchφ28 pipe
A027XB-02GL3-PAnyWire BittyAddress writerφ28 pipe
A227XB-02GL2-PAnyWire DB A20DIP switchφ28 pipe
A227XB-02GL3-PAnyWire DB A20Address writerφ28 pipe
A027PB-T02G-PAnyWire BittyDIP switchM3 screw
A027XB-T02G-CAnyWire BittyDIP switchM3 screw
A027PB-T07P02D-PAnyWire BittyAddress writerM4 screw
A027XB-T07P02D-CAnyWire BittyAddress writerM4 screw
A027PB-T14P02D-PAnyWire BittyAddress writerM4 screw
A027XB-T14P02D-CAnyWire BittyAddress writerM4 screw
A227PB-T02G-PAnyWire DB A20DIP switchM3 screw
A227XB-T02G-CAnyWire DB A20DIP switchM3 screw
A227PB-T07P02D-PAnyWire DB A20Address writerM4 screw
A227XB-T07P02D-CAnyWire DB A20Address writerM4 screw
A227PB-T14P02D-PAnyWire DB A20Address writerM4 screw
A227XB-T14P02D-CAnyWire DB A20Address writerM4 screw

*LED of products marked
with is indicated in orange.
Selection type Selection of one color from seven colors A027XB-K02V-PAnyWire BittyAddress writerφ28 pipe
A227XB-K02V-PAnyWire DB A20Address writerφ28 pipe
A027XB-K02VN-PAnyWire BittyAddress writerφ28 pipe
A227XB-K02VN-PAnyWire DB A20Address writerφ28 pipe
Combination type RGB each color Independent ON/OFF A027XB-06M2-PAnyWire BittyDIP switchφ28 pipe
A027XB-K06M-PAnyWire BittyAddress writerφ28 pipe
A227XB-K06M-PAnyWire DB A20Address writerφ28 pipe
A027XB-K06MN-PAnyWire BittyAddress writerφ28 pipe
A227XB-K06MN-PAnyWire DB A20Address writerφ28 pipe
Door opening/closing + LED indication Stationary type(Green) A027XB-F02G3-PAnyWire BittyAddress writerφ28 pipe
A227XB-F02G3-PAnyWire DB A20Address writerφ28 pipe
7-segment indication + LED indication Selection type Selection of one color from seven colors ◇7-segment indication
[one digit]
A027XB-K71V-PAnyWire BittyAddress writerφ28 pipe
A227XB-K71V-PAnyWire DB A20Address writerφ28 pipe
◇7-segment indication
[one digit]
A027XB-K71VN-PAnyWire BittyAddress writerφ28 pipe
A227XB-K71VN-PAnyWire DB A20Address writerφ28 pipe
Combination type RGB each color Independent ON/OFF ◇7-segment indication
[one digit]
A027XB-K71M-PAnyWire BittyAddress writerφ28 pipe
A227XB-K71M-PAnyWire DB A20Address writerφ28 pipe

◇7-segment indication
[three digits]
A227XB-73M2-PAnyWire DB A20DIP switchφ28 pipe
◇7-segment indication
[one digit]
A027XB-K71MN-PAnyWire BittyAddress writerφ28 pipe
A227XB-K71MN-PAnyWire DB A20Address writerφ28 pipe

◇7-segment indication
[three digits]
A027XB-73MN-PAnyWire BittyDIP switchφ28 pipe
A227XB-73MN-PAnyWire DB A20DIP switchφ28 pipe
Buzzer + LED indication Selection type Selection of one color from seven colors A227XB-KB02V-PAnyWire DB A20Address writerφ28 pipe A227XB-KB02VN-PAnyWire DB A20Address writerφ28 pipe A227XB-KB02VL-PAnyWire DB A20Address writerφ28 pipe  
seven colors Combination type RGB each color Independent ON/OFF Combination type RGB each color Independent ON/OFF A227XB-KB08M-PAnyWire DB A20Address writerφ28 pipe A227XB-KB08MN-PAnyWire DB A20Address writerφ28 pipe A227XB-KB08ML-PAnyWire DB A20Address writerφ28 pipe  
    Touch type Special
LED indication only Stationary type (Green) A092XB-02GLDouble-sided tapeAddress writerAnyWire Bitty
A227PB-01G-Pφ28 pipeDIP switchAnyWire DB A20
*Indication only(no response)

*Specifications of each mode lare indicated by icon.

◆Address setting method
◆AnyWire transmission method
  • AnyWire DB A20AnyWire DB A20
  • AnyWire BittyAnyWire Bitty
◆Installation method
  • φ28 pipeφ28 pipe
  • M3 screwM3 screw
  • M4 screwM4 screw
  • Double-sided tapeDouble-sided tape
◆The color of LED indication

“Selection type”
 The indication color of this terminal can be selected from seven colors.

“Combination type”
 The indication color of this terminal can be set from 7 kinds of color by a combination of RGB.

  • GreenGreen
  • RedRed
  • BlueBlue
  • YellowYellow*
  • Sky blueSky blue
  • PurplePurple
  • WhiteWhite

*The actual color is close to orange

◆Model*The following is a simplied description. Keep this in mind as a reference because there are some exceptions.

Installation method also flexible!

Pipe installation example SUS pipe installation holderMost POKAYOKE terminals can be installed on a 28mm diameter pipe rack as they are.Three types of pipe installation holders are available depending on workability at the time of installation (refer to the “Installation” at the right for details).
Depending on the product, there is also a type to drill at the installation location and directly install with screws or bolts, or a thin type to fix to the end surface of the column plate for a parts shelf with double-sided tape.

Three types of mounting holder

H holder H1 holder SUS holderHolder for pipe installation product can be selected from the following three types.

“H” is a standard mounting holder, and is the easiest installation type due to the installation bolts being tightened from the front. There is a protruding section to the structure at the bottom of the holder.

“H1” has no protrusion at the bottom of the holder, and is a type for which the bolt is tightened from the bottom (there is a protrusion on the back).
→Add “-H1” at the end of the standard model.

“SUS” is a dedicated holder installed on aluminum pipe of SUS company.
→Change the end of the standard model from “-P” to “-PS.”

Compatible with various controller networks!

Because the AnyWire POKAYOKE terminal compatible with PLCs of each company including the MELSEC sequencer of Mitsubishi Electric and many common industrial open networks can be used with general equipment, environments and tools, there are no concerns even with the initial introduction.


Some products of the AnyWire POKAYOKE terminals are compatible with the “AnyWire DB A20 series” and some are compatible with the “AnyWire Bitty series.” There is no difference in the performance of the POKAYOKE terminals, however, there are master units and gateways compatible with each of them. Use the terminal of the corresponding combination based on the table below.

MELSEC sequencer manufactured
by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
  • ・MELSEC-Q series
  • ・MELSEC-L series
  • ・MELSEC-F series
PLC, controller of each company
  • ・Yokogawa Electric FA-M3series
  • ・OMRON CJ1&CS1series
  • ・Fuji Electric SX
  • ・Panasonic FPΣ ・Digital LT3000
  • ・SHARP JW20/30/300
  • ・YASKAWA Electric MP2000/3000
Various open networks, PC I/F
  • ・CC-Link(Ver.1.10/Ver.2.00)
  • ・DeviceNet
  • ・PCI Bus ・PC104 ・RS-232C
  • ・RS485Modbus
    DB A20
DB A20
Mitsubishi Electric MELSEC-Q series
MELSEC-L series
MELSEC-F series
Yokogawa Electric FA-M3 series
OMRON CJ1/CJ2 series
CS1/CS2 series
Fuji Electric SX series
Panasonic FPΣseries
Digital LT3000 series
SHARP JW20/30/300 series
YASKAWA Electric MP2000/3000 series
CC-Link Ver.1.10
CC-Link Ver.2.00
AnyWire DB A20series ○※

*Transmission of “Bitty series” can be connected to a low order of transmission of the “DB A20 series” by using a bridge “AB07-A-V3.”

Of course, Sho-Haisen!

Conventional method Bundle of cables is on controller side Sho-Haisen method Slimmed-down!The POKAYOKE terminal which “AnyWire of Sho-Haisen” delivers is of course “POKAYOKE [Sho-Haisen] terminal.”
Connection can be made only by branching from the main line without requiring connection of individual terminals with a controller in one-to-one wiring.

Easy branching!

Transmission line of the POKAYOKE terminal is equipped with a link connector (LP connector) as standard. The link connector allows for branching and extension work without electric wire cutting and sheath stripping.Work time can also be reduced, and no electric wire or sheath waste, etc., is produced.

  • ・Branching can be made even in the middle of wiring because of crimping.
  • No waste is produced because an electric wire is not cut/sheath is not stripped.
  • There is no difference between male and female , and are the same models, so it is easy to understand.

Step1:You can sandwich wire in a sleeve even in the middle or at the end of an electric wire. Step2:Clamp with a dedicated tool to crimp.(See the accessory items.) Step3:T-branch, 4-branch or extension is allowed.Working time is signicantly reduced.

Address setting!

Appearance of ARW-04 Remote head Appearance of ARW-RH Name of each part of ARW-04To set the address of the POKAYOKE terminal, a DIP switch or address writer can be selected depending on the product.
Refer to and confirm by the product instruction manual of each product for details of eachproduct.

For more information to Address Setting page